20 Project Ideas to Practice Your Development expertise and Improve Your Resume

Souvik Sen| June 21, 2022 at 7:29 PM | 5 minutes Read

You want to learn how to code, but what should you build?

“Everybody should learn to program a computer because it teaches you how to think” 1995 was a time when computers already played an important role in our society but weren’t as omnipresent in our lives as they are today. — Steve Jobs

You want to learn how to code, but what should you build?

Learning to code may be hard and confusing, specifically whilst you don’t even recognize where to start.

When I began studying net development, I didn’t understand what I ought to begin outbuilding. It appeared like all people had an opinion — “don’t begin with a to-do listing app, all people do that” or “you want to make something extra complicated so it stands out” — however in reality, something you construct is a success.

Starting a project you want to work on and seeing it through will be far more useful than starting something too complicated and abandoning it halfway through.

Every app on this list can be created with HTML, CSS, and javascript. When developing these apps, it will also be beneficial to use a database like MongoDB. ⁣

Before starting out just remember these points:

  1. Don’t add clones to your resume. Believe me or not your interviewer will just hate that and will have a negative impact on your CV. Why ? because these clones are readily available you can easily just copy paste them in your resume
  2. Your project should be completed top to bottom and should be presentable. For example you have created an app but you haven't released its apk or you have created a website but you haven't hosted that. It is same as not building as application from an interviewer perspective 
  3. Try to work in teams in projects rather than working on it by yourself alone. You can create a huge application by yourself but they are unable to understand a thing written by you then you failed as a programmer. So try to create projects in teams this will you with your communication skills ,coding skills, and also in your life
  4. Try to document your code with proper commenting, proper variable naming, pepper folder structure , coding practice and use proper licensing , i.e one should not add MIT license to private projects as MIT license supports open source projects. This is one of the main judging criteria of your code.

Here are 20 amazing project ideas to put on your resume right now!

1. TO-DO List app

Create a simple environment for taking notes, saving them, and retrieving them later. If you can include a search bar to seek for a specific note, that's a plus.

Reference Link : Project Link For Todo App

2. Pixel art Creator

Do you recall Microsoft Paint? Exactly like that, except pixelated! Include a feature that allows you to store your work as a jpeg or png file afterward.

Reference Link : Project Link For Pixel Creator App

3. A web App for donation

A simple platform that allows you to enter a cash amount that will be donated to a charity. Have numbers like 50, 100, 200, and 500 as defaults.

Reference link: Link For Project to WebApp for Donation

 4 .Chat application

One of the most widely utilized programming projects! This can be done on the web or through mobile development. Whatever is most convenient for you.

Reference link : Project Link For Chat App

5. E-commerce website

Make a grid of products for your e-commerce website. It displays the product's price as well as an add-to-cart button.

Reference link : Project Link For E-Commerce Website


6. Login and Signup Authentication and Authorization

Create a basic login and signup page that asks for the user's email, user name, and password, and then uses real-time authentication and permission to grant the user limited access based on their privileges.

This will help you to understand Authentication and authorization flow which is one of the main factor for the security of an application

Reference Link: Project Link For Login and Signup


7. Payment processing gateway

A form that allows you to enter a cash amount, which is subsequently processed and sent to the recipient!

Reference link : Project Link For Payment Processing Gateway using Stripe

8. Web application for tutorial

Create a user interface that is made up of tutorials on any topic you like! Consider the video-sharing site YouTube.

Reference link : Project Link For Web Application For Tutorial

9. Your Portfolio site                                              

  A one-page website displaying your biography and work.

Reference link : Project Link For Portfolio Site

10. City guide

Select a city, such as India, and digitize what would otherwise be a hardcopy map guide purchased from tour guides. Where should I go, what should I do, how much should I spend, and so forth. 

Reference link: Project Link For City Guide Website

11. Weather Tracker

Make an app that displays your current location's current weather in Celsius. In Kolkata, India, the temperature is 26 degrees Celsius.

Reference link: Project Link For Weather Application

12. Bitcoin App

Shows the current value of Bitcoin, in all currencies in real time.

Reference link : Project Link For Bitcoin App


13. Gift suggestion

A platform that displays gift suggestions for a specific holiday or event.

Reference link : Project Link For Gift Suggestion App

14. Wellbeing advisor  

 It is a portal that provides mental and physical health guidance. Take, for example, attentive practice. Meditation is an example of this.                       


Reference link: Project Link For Digital Wellbeing Advisor App

15. Clubhouse event manager

Clubhouse-style, but only for one occasion. Show dummy people who are taking part in the event as well.

Reference Link: Project Link For Club House Event Manager


16. Daily Expense Tracker

Shows a specific amount in your account that may be followed over time to see how it changes. For example, if you invest Rs. 20,000 today, you will have Rs. 220,000 in five years.

Reference link : Project Link For Expense Tracker

17. Public forum

It's exactly like Reddit! Where people can ask inquiries and have their questions answered. People would then like or dislike the answer based on whether it was good or bad.

Reference Link: Project Link For Public Forum

18. Covid-19 guide

Make a tutorial on how to avoid becoming infected with the COVID-19 virus:

Reference Link : Project Link For Covid-19 Guide App

19. Quiz taking app

An app that allows the user to answer a set of questions and then determines whether the answers are correct or incorrect. After that, it displays your final score.

Reference link : Project Link For Quiz App

20. Goal achiever app

You may track your progress and mark them off when you reach them if you have a set of objectives


 Reference link: Project Link For Goal Achiever App

No matter what business you work in, knowing how to code is a valuable ability. Coding teaches you how to think critically.

It gives you logical problem-solving abilities that you may use in almost any situation.

So, how about you? What are you going to code today?

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