Campus Placement Roadmap for Batch 2024

Prasun Das| June 5, 2023 at 9:21 PM | 4 minutes Read

Its that time round the calendar again, but different for you all as for the first time now. You all will be facing the on campus placement season.

With a lot of pressure incoming, self doubt creeping in, it's high time that you understand your priorities and prepare yourself for the best job offers ever. So here's a roadmap of how your placement schedule is going to continue, how much time you have on you to prepare and all the Do's and Don'ts :

 In most colleges, you probably have started attending the pre-placement classes. We advise you to take the mock exams there seriously as it teaches you the pattern of your technical rounds.

To crack any company you go through three stages once your resume is shortlisted.

1. The first round of selection which generally consists of aptitude and basic coding.

2. Either the second round of selection where you face advanced coding questions or straight the technical interview round where you are asked questions from all over your resume. It not only tests your knowledge but also your personality and team spirit.

3. The last is generally the HR round which is highly decisive and requires you to be clever as well as genuine. 

• In around the month of July - August you'll start to see companies opening, both on campus and off campus. The first test that you'll face here is going to be Elitmus. A 6 hrs examination with 3hrs aptitude and 3hrs OOPs, DBMS, Java fundamentals and other basic understanding questions alongside coding. If you score a decent 75-80% + mark, the chances of you getting placed at high paying start ups get boosted. This opportunity is amazing for people who are already somewhat prepared so do take it seriously. Also it's free when organized from the college campus else you need to pay for attending this.

• Then after, while companies keep knocking doors through Elitmus, colleges make you go through another similar examination called Cocubes AON. Almost similar pattern but lesser time. The score here brings in companies but in a all college pool, it's all dependent on how you perform in it. But the packages offered are generally great.

• By now it's almost the end of September or October. It's high time you get yourself together and prepare yourself with the basic knowledge as now it's time for the mass recruiters to enter the race. Starting with the TCS Nqt. CBT examination at any tata consultancy center. First round of foundation course with general aptitude, second round with advanced level aptitude and the last with codes. If you score average here, you might crack the TCS ninja profile and if you manage to score really great, you will become eligible for the TCS Digital position.

• The peak phase of placement starts mainly in October and lasts till the starting of December. Plan your calendar accordingly as now every single company starting for Cognizant to Amazon conducts their hiring drive. The pattern of examination stays almost the same for every company, just the level of difficulty varies.

• As seen over years by the end of December almost everyone does bag some or the other job, especially in the mass recruiters and in case some of you couldn't. Don't get disheartened as the last phase of placement starts right from January and lasts till March. It includes another quarterly session of TCS Nqt, InfytQ , Hackwithinfy and multiple off campus opportunities as well over sites like LinkedIn, Unstop and Campus hires. 

So looks like you have all figured out, the only thing you need now is focus. 

Do's: If you are someone who has absolutely zero knowledge on coding, it's time for you to start. The time span of May-Aug is the most important preparation period for you so make the best use of it. Spend at least 1.5hrs daily on Leetcode solving company based questions and 30 mins on aptitude practice. 

Make a very plain and clean resume that has exactly what you know on it and nothing extra so that you can answer when asked. Attend mock interviews, it'll boost your confidence level and show what you need to know more.

Have faith in yourself, you'll do it when it's your time.

Don'ts: Don't get overwhelmed with others achievements and boasting of knowledge. The person might know more than you but your fight is only yours and you gotta trust yourself. Do not let insecurity creep in, clap for others success and wait for your time to come. Also, don't think you'll pass your technical rounds like you pass your semester exams. These are tough, you will face thorough proctoring and there's no second chance so do take your chance seriously, it might not return.

There we go, all the best for your placement season, the batch of 2024. Prepare well and keep following Pephub for the best guidance.

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