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Writing a cold email might be challenging, but the proper pearl of knowledge can spare business years of pain and thousands of dollars. But how can you write to a total stranger without bothering them and obtain a response? Cold emailing is considered one of the best ways of networking but it has some specific steps that shall be followed. But first, let's define what "cold emailing" is.

So what is Cold emailing?

So, the most common form of B2B contact is cold email. The fact that 80% of individuals prefer sales representatives to contact them via email is one of the main causes of this. Your potential leads can now be reached worldwide with cold emails. Converting your cold leads into potential consumers is ongoing and cordial.

Getting a reasonable response rate for their initiatives is one of the challenges sales representatives and marketers encounter.

The Advantages of cold emailing :

  1. Well, Cold emailing is one of the best ways of networking. A competent salesperson is aware of the value of networking in the modern world. Even while it might not always be possible, you shouldn't let that stop you from communicating with professionals. Cold email can be used as a strategy for outreach. You can introduce yourself briefly and describe your business, just like you would if you were meeting someone face-to-face. Moreover, if the recipient appreciates your sincere efforts, they might get in touch with you and aid in the growth of your network.

  1. The biggest advantage of Cold Emailing is that it is highly targeted. An effective salesperson is aware of how crucial networking is in the modern world. Even though it might not always be possible to speak with specialists in person, you shouldn't let that stop you from communicating. Like you normally would if you met in person, you can give a brief introduction about your firm and yourself. And if the recipient appreciates your sincere attempt, they might connect with you and aid in your network building.

  1. Cold emailing is one of the most powerful tools for brand awareness. Cold emails help build brand awareness because of the nature of the email. They are generally targeted at prospects who have never interacted with your brand before. But might find value in using your product/services. Using cold email, you can introduce your product to them and improve brand awareness.

  1. Cold emails are scalable. You can send emails to multiple prospects and also measure their success. Based on the success, you can plan your next email strategically. A cold email outreach helps you reach thousands of potential prospects in a day.

Experiences of people who have profited from cold emails:

Truth be told:  Cold emails can – and do – work.    
How do I know?
Because I used 328 of ’em to launch my business and grow it 1400% in 4 months. My aggressive cold email campaign had a 56% open rate and a top-notch positive reply rate of 9%.One of those cold emails brought in nearly $20k in revenue for me. Not a shabby start to my freelance business.

 A VC friend of mine once complained on Twitter about how his car was constantly getting tickets because the street signs were misleading. An entrepreneur looking to pitch his start-up started his cold email with a link to a robocalling service that took care of parking tickets. The VC used the service and was so thankful that he not only took a pitch meeting but also connected the entrepreneur to several other VCs, two of whom ended up investing.

Template Example:

Subject: [Insert Subject Line Here]
Dear [Insert Recipient's Name],
I hope this email finds you well. My name is [Insert Your Name] and I am [Insert a brief introduction that establishes your credibility or expertise in the field]. I came across your work on [Insert Where You Found Their Work] and was impressed with [Insert Something Specific About Their Work That You Liked or Found Interesting].
I was hoping to connect and discuss [Insert a Clear and Specific Request]. I know that you're very busy, so I'll keep this email short. If you have some time to chat, I'd be happy to work around your schedule. I'm particularly interested in [Insert Something Relevant to Their Work or Interests] and would love to get your insights on [Insert Specific Questions or Topics You'd Like to Discuss].
Thank you for your time and consideration. If you're interested, please let me know and we can schedule a call or meeting at your convenience.
Best regards,
[Insert Your Name]

Some guidelines you should follow while writing cold emails:

1. Make the message specific to the audience. You must conduct your own research. However, there are appropriate and inappropriate ways to go about it. Personalization entails taking into account the recipient's identity, worldview, interests, and desires in order to create a "theory of mind." You also make it obvious why you are emailing them rather than anyone else, which demonstrates to them that you have taken the time to understand them. According to research, when people believe they have a special ability to serve others, they are far more driven to do it. You may tell a story that resonates with them by defining exactly where they fit in.

2. Verify your own worth. We want to know who a stranger is and why they are important to us before we meet them in person or when they send us an email. Keep it in mind when you are a stranger. Although you've already done a tonne of research on the individuals you're emailing, they are in the dark about you. You must establish your credibility and earn their trust. The key is to figure out how to transition from "stranger" to a member of the recipient's group.

3. Ease your audience's suffering or provide them with what they desire. What makes the receiver interested in your email? Why should this time-constrained person bother to reply to it? What are their benefits? Give them what they want if you are unable to fix their issue. That sticks out because few anyone offers before they are asked, so offer to put them in touch with someone they'd like to meet. 

4. Make sure it's brief, simple, and applicable. Many people find helping others to be incredibly gratifying; it may even be considered a "desire." You are giving them a chance to feel good about themselves by asking for assistance. Make it simple for them, though. Writing how you would speak is one of the finest methods to keep things succinct and to the point. You wouldn't just approach someone at a cocktail party and start pitching them if you met them there. You would introduce yourself, be friendly, get to know them through a mutual friend or hobby, and then make a reasonable request. 

5. Show gratitude and a little vulnerability. I'd even go so far as to suggest that you act a little submissively. I'm not advocating bowing down to your audience as if they were a feudal ruler. You are requesting a favor from a total stranger. If they decide to assist, you make them feel good about themselves by showing some thanks and vulnerability. By approaching them, you also grant them a small boost in status and power.

This is effective. Even merely expressing gratitude Response rates are doubled when you respond with "I'm truly appreciative." And let them know it's okay if they're too busy. In fact, giving them a way out increases their propensity to assist you.

6. Focus on benefits, not features. Do not rely just on a product's feature list. Stop writing about the value you provide in terms of money. Instead, just emphasize the advantages your prospect might experience. Always be specific because general benefits will obscure your point. At first, it could seem difficult, but after you truly put yourself in the customer's position, you'll understand it. The previous section of your email should flow naturally into your pitch. It ought to feel like the logical next step in regular dialogue. By all means, refrain from being obnoxious and pushy.

How to follow up on a cold email?

To engage your prospects, even a flawlessly written cold email might not be sufficient. They may occasionally fail to get your email, forget to respond, or decide they aren't interested enough to schedule a call with you. But don't worry, this is very normal. Because of this, you should constantly follow up if you don't hear back.

Your cold email approach must include at least one follow-up email, but two or three are preferable. Don't use follow-ups as a way to remind prospects that you're still waiting for their response. Link to a compelling case study or invite potential customers to a forthcoming webinar to sneak in some more value. 

It sounds like a lot of work to send just one tailored cold email per day to, say, 50 prospects, much alone follow up and react. It is a nightmare to manually handle all of that on a large scale (been there, done that). Thankfully, you can automate this procedure to ease your workload.


1.The Third Door by ALEX BANAYAN -

In Alex Banayan's book, The Third Door, Tim Ferriss provides tips for crafting effective cold emails. According to Ferriss, a well-written cold email should have a concise subject line, a personalized greeting to show that research has been done, an introduction that establishes credibility, a clear ask that values the recipient's time, and a call to action that invites a response. It's crucial to keep the email brief and to follow up if there is no reply within a few days.

2.The Four hour work week By Tim Ferriss:

Tim Ferriss discusses his cold email strategy in his book "The 4-Hour Work Week". In the book, he emphasizes the importance of keeping the email short, getting to the point quickly, and making a specific request that adds value to the recipient. He suggests starting the email with a clear and concise subject line, followed by a personalized greeting that shows you've done your research.

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