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Increased competition for fewer jobs in the current economy means that just being right for the role on paper, is not enough on its own anymore. You have to make sure that your persona has a lasting impact, from the very first “Hello” to the last handshake, and “Goodbye” you stand out as your employer's favored candidate. That is exactly why you need to practice and make sure your interview skills are flawless and at their best. I am assuming you are here after clearing the online/offline aptitude and coding test and waiting for your interview call. You are feeling unnerved and stressed, wondering only if you had some practical advice to help you be better equipped to face the interview panel. Rest assured you are in the right place as I have some great advice from our beloved seniors who are well versed with such technical interviews.


Here are some points that you might want to remember during your interviews for a smoother experience:




● When commencing your preparation for the interview, start by taking a sheet of paper and writing down all of your significant qualities which would be relevant to share in a job interview, keeping in mind the position you are applying for.

● Think about your most recent or significant internships or academic / co-curricular achievements, or personal goals in which you have succeeded. This is a great time to look back on the projects and internships you have successfully completed, especially the ones you have spearheaded.

● Remember to focus on the positive aspects of your career and try to organize your thoughts as much as you can, this will help you to remain calm and collected during your interview and eliminate the chances of fumbling.

● Plan and practice some answers to typically asked questions. You shouldn't seem like you are scrambling to put your answer together in your head. Practice in front of a mirror. Watch for nervous hand movements or gestures (twitching palms etc), and also eliminate any slang, colloquial, or any other inappropriate language.

●  If you want to go the extra mile try researching the company's competitors, find out all relevant articles regarding the company and do adequate background research on your interview panel (if you happen to know beforehand). This helps when you are given a chance to ask questions about the company you are applying for.



You know how the saying goes " If you look good, you feel good" and "confidence is your best accessory". Being the most authentic version of yourself throughout the interview is of utmost importance.

●Keep your attire professional, you should have an aura of conviction and self-assurance around you. Look like someone who takes the interview process seriously. Be the candidate who makes the effort and puts their best foot forward.

●During online interviews, always look towards the camera because there may be multiple screens around you. The camera should be positioned right in front of your monitor and it should be completely level. Make sure it accommodates the portrait of your upper body during your digital job interviews. You don't want the camera to be focusing down at your desk or up at the ceiling.

●While shaking hands, be confident and positive to ensure an assertive impression.

●Smile from the core of your heart. People are intelligent and can make out whether the smile is genuine or takes

●Make use of your hand movements up to the hilt. Each verbal language must be consistently correlated to have effective delivery of the speech.

●Be yourself. The interviewers will try to break you for sure, they will see when put into different circumstances to see if you change your behavior or deviate from what you've said earlier or not. Be cheerful and do not get provoked even if any stress-related questions are posed as they are checking for certain qualities such as the ability to work under pressure and the capacity to work for long hours.




● First of all, try to introduce yourself, and make an effort to highlight your educational institution and how grateful you are for the opportunity provided to you.

●Never sound like a "know-it-all'. It projects arrogance and sets a negative tone.

●Try to speak more about your projects and internships. The more detailed the explanation is, the more the interviewer gets a good knowledge about your background.

●Make sure to call attention to details that show your skills like being able to prioritize, being flexible, and being a team player, and places you have shown initiative.

● At last, speak about your skills and that you realized projects are the best way to express and hone your skills, especially focusing on your increased efficiency rate and time management ability.

●Try to look for an opportunity to highlight your strengths and competencies. Project the qualities that the employer is looking for

●During the coding round, try to solve the problem by thinking out loud so that the interviewer will understand whether you are doing it right and will give hints if you are headed in the wrong direction.

●Don't hesitate to ask the question, if it is not clear to you. It is better to ask and clarify than to give a wrong response.

●It's okay if you don't know the answer to a question. Give the partial answer and then say that this is all you know about the topic currently, and you are eager to learn more given the opportunity.

●Remember to treat this interview as a professional discussion.



Follow these tips so that you have a successful interview session and land in your dream job.



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