MINDTREE Interview Experience and Previous Year Questions Part 2

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Technical Round :

Candidates who pass the online test will be invited to a technical interview in person. Technical interviews are designed to test your technical talents, which are usually related to the position you're applying for, as well as to learn how you think, solve problems, and deal with stressful situations. The interviewer will also assess your problem-solving abilities. You'll be asked about previous projects and professional experiences, as well as what you did and how you used technology, and your level of success. To prepare, learn the principles of computer science.

The candidate should be proficient in at least one of the most recent programming languages, such as C, C++, Java, or Python. You may also be quizzed on computer basics such as Object-Oriented Programming Systems (OOPs), Data Base Management Systems (DBMS), Computer Networks (CN), Computer Organization and Architecture (CoA), and Operating Systems (OS), among others. Your success in earlier rounds, your job profile, your experience, and the firm's requirements will all determine the number of technical interviews you have. Typically, each candidate will only go through one round of technical interviews.

Sample questions :

1)What is Object-Oriented Programming. Explain each feature in detail.

Answer: Object-oriented programming, as the name implies, uses objects in programming. Object-oriented programming seeks to implement real-world entities such as inheritance, hiding, polymorphism, and so on in programming. The basic goal of OOP is to connect the data and the functions that act on it such that no other portion of the code may access the data except that function.

(Note : for the detailed answer you can visit the link https://www.geeksforgeeks.org/object-oriented-programming-in-cpp/ )

2) The interviewers ask few questions from Database management 

     every year, like:

  • What is a SELECT query in RDBMS and also its syntax? 
  • What is ALIAS query in RDBMS and also its syntax ?
  • What is UPDATE query in RDBMS and also its syntax ? 

3)Given a string, calculate total number of characters from the string.


public class GFG {
static final int OUT = 0;
static final int IN = 1;
// returns number of words in str
static int countWords(String str)
int state = OUT;
int wc = 0; // word count
int i = 0;
// Scan all characters one by one
while (i < str.length())
// If next character is a separator, set the
// state as OUT
if (str.charAt(i) == ' ' || str.charAt(i) == '\n'
|| str.charAt(i) == '\t')
state = OUT;
// If next character is not a word separator
// and state is OUT, then set the state as IN
// and increment word count
else if (state == OUT)
state = IN;
// Move to next character
return wc;
// Driver program to test above functions
public static void main(String args[])
String str = "One two three\n four\tfive ";
System.out.println("No of words : " + countWords(str));

4)They also ask questions from your final year project or questions from modern technologies like blockchain, aiml, cloud computing, etc.

Interviewee’s Experience:

 The duration of the test was 120 mins.(Quants, Logical reasoning, Verbal ability, and Coding) I completed test and I was waiting for results.

I got an email stating you have cleared the test. 
On the day of interview : After greetings the interviewer introduced him and after that he asked me for an introduction. He asked Which Programming Language I know : I replied “Java “; I also told him I know : DSA,SQL,DBMS

He started ask questions related below !!


HR Interview Round :

 The next round of assessment after the technical interviews is the HR interviews. The company wants to assess whether or not you will be a cultural fit and a suitable employee for the company. MindTree lays great stress on the HR interviews. Make sure to go through the vision of the company and its leadership principles before you appear for an HR interview. Try to knit your answers keeping those in mind. Don’t neglect the importance of the HR round - it’s basically make or break for you. Don’t keep yourself restrained, let them get a taste of your personality and exhibit proper communication skills.

Also, make sure that you are well prepared for any questions that the interviewer may ask based on things that you have mentioned in your resume. So it is important to make sure that you mention things that are true to the best of your knowledge in the resume

Sample Questions: 

  1. Tell me about yourself in a few words.
  2. What are your hobbies and interests?
  3. What do you hope to get out of this job?
  4. What keeps you motivated?
  5. In five years, where do you see yourself?
  6. Tell me about your internships and projects.
  7. Tell me about your strengths and weaknesses.
  8. What attracted you to Mindtree in the first place?
  9. Apart from college course structure, what languages did you learn on your own?

Interviewee’s experience:

After i passed the technical interview they they selected me for the HR interview. Some questions asked there were:

Introduce Yourself.
How did you utilise this pandemic period apart from studies?
What are your strengths and weakness
According to your research, what do you know about MindTree
Where do you see yourself in the coming years
How will MindTree help you achieve your goals?
Why MindTree
Do you have a valid PAN Card?

They told me about the job locations and opportunities.

Me : I am fond of travelling and exploring new places .

Are you ready to relocate;

Me – I said “Yes”;

I was feeling Positive.

I got a new mail from Mindtree stating “You have been shortlisted to receive an offer for the role of Software Engineer at Mindtree!”

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