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PricewaterhouseCooper Pvt Ltd (PwC Pvt Ltd) is a leading multinational professional service network of firms, operating as partnerships under the PwC brand with a global presence across 156 countries having more than 295,000 employees as of 30th June 2021. Providing top-notch assurance, tax, and advisory services aids businesses and people in generating the wealth they want. PwC Pvt Ltd will generate the staggering US $45 billion in revenue by the end of June 30th, 2021, serving 84% of the Fortune 500 firms worldwide. 

With numerous offices in significant locations including Bengaluru, New Delhi, Kolkata, and Mumbai, PwC Pvt, Ltd is present all throughout India.

PWC selects candidates from both on-campus as well as off-campus interviews.

The PWC interviews are mainly divided into 4 parts which are mainly:

  1. The Online Test
  2. The Technical Round
  3. The Partner Round
  4. The Managerial or HR Round

At first, they shortlist on the basis of resume and cgpa, (which should be above 7.0+). Then a selected number of candidates are

given a test link.

The Online Test:

The students get the link to the online test of duration 45 minutes and it consists of 44 questions divided into three sections.

  1. Quantitative aptitude
  2. Verbal ability
  3. Logical Reasoning

One of the best points of the test is that there are no negative markings. But it is preferred to do as many correctly as possible as they keep a track of the correct to incorrect ratio.

Sample question:

1) The product of a two-digit number and a number consisting of the same digits written in the reverse order is equal to 2,430. Find the numbers.

  1. 45, 54
  2. 65, 56
  3. 52, 25
  4. None of these

Answer: Option A.

1st is the correct answer because 45 54 = 2430.

2) A and B are two stations 1000 km. A train starts from A at 70 km/h and another train starts from B at the same time at the rate of 30 km/h. How far from A will they cross each other?

  1. 700 km.
  2. 300 km
  3. 70 km
  4. 200 km
  5. None of these

Answer: Option A.

Total distance = 1000 km, Relative speed = 70 + 30 = 100 km/h.

Time after which the train will meet.1000/100 -10 hours.

In 10 hour train A will cover distance = 70 * 10 = 700 km.

3)1. Their main / complain / is related to / the arrangement of the class

  1. Their main
  2. complain
  3. is related to
  4. the arrangement of the class

Answer: Option B.

Complain should be replaced with complaint

4)I hope / you enjoy / your staying / in India this time.

  1. I hope
  2. you enjoy
  3. your staying
  4. in India this time

Answer: Option C.

Your stay is the correct answer

5) 39% of 129 - 43% of 97 = ?

  1. 14
  2. 15
  3. 17
  4. 9

Answer: Option D.

129×39/100 = 50.3

97×43/100 = 41.7

? = 50.3-41.7 ≈ 9

The people who qualify for the online test are selected for the technical interviews. Around 500 people apply for the online test from each campus and out of that only 100 are selected for the technical interviews.

Technical Interview:

Candidates will participate in a technical phase based on how well they performed in the aptitude stage. There are many distinct profiles available, even for a position as a technology consultant, including SAP, Microsoft ERP, Oracle ERP, Data Analytics, CyberSecurity, etc. This technical round focuses on both the overall technical ideas and the technical facets of the related profile. The interviewers will thoroughly go over your CV and have the opportunity to ask you questions regarding the prior projects and technologies you listed on your resume. Before showing up for this round, it will be highly beneficial to thoroughly study your own resume.

The candidate should have experience in at least one of the programming languages like C, C++, Java, or Python based on the profile. Even though it is a technical round, the interviewers can ask non-technical questions/ HR questions. Depending on the experience, there can be more than 1 technical round.

Experience of some candidates who qualified for the Technical Round: 

In our campus, around 500 students applied for the interviews, out of which 100 got qualified in the technical round. Questions were asked based on departments and as I belong to IT department so I was asked questions on DSA, OS, DBMS, 
Microprocessor. Some of the questions were like 
How to swap two variables without using a third variable/inbuilt function/addition subtraction operator?
What is the zombie process and what is the child process?
Are you comfortable with Microprocessor? I answered yes so he asked what is accumulator.
What is normalization? What is the practical application of normalized tables?
What are the different joins in SQL?

If you can clear the 1st assessment test only then you will be shortlisted for the 2nd round, i.e. technical round. It was a 30 min technical round interview. As I belong to non-cs/it dept interviewer asked me some questions about my core domain after my introduction. The interviewer was so friendly that I never feel uncomfortable though it was my 1st interview experience.
Questions were like, How much I am comfortable in Python? 
What is a dictionary in Python? What are Join in SQL and its types? Which programming language is more comfortable for you? As I answered C++, I was given a program to sort an array in python without using the Sort function.
Why do you want to join PWC?

The Partner Round 

If you can clear the technical interview round you will be called for the Partner round. The partner’s round as the name suggests Partner is an employee who has his/her stake in the business and shares in the profit. There are elimination in the 2nd round and the selection ratio was 1:2. The duration of the Partner round was around 10 min. Very common questions are asked in this round.

Experience of some candidates who qualified for the partner Round: 

Around 50 got shortlisted for the partner round. Questions were asked mostly on basis of your resume and course curriculum. Please answer patiently and confidently as that matters a lot for PWC. Be prepared about each and every point of your resume as they ask frequent questions about them.
Explain projects. Questions were asked like, What do you mean by full stack development? since I had a course on that mentioned in my resume. What are different backend technologies used? What is NodeJS and how is it different from javascript? since I mentioned my skills. What is your favorite subject? I answered DSA. He asked about different sorting and searching algorithms.

After the Partner’s round out of the 50 candidates, only 30 are selected for the final round which is the HR round. 

The HR or Managerial Round 

People shortlisted in the partner round appeared for the managerial round. 

Experiences of interviewees who cracked the final interview:

Around 30 got shortlisted for the managerial round.
The interview was held in a group of 5. Questions were HR-related like why join pwc? Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years? Why consulting as a career? Be confident and prepare HR questions beforehand, you are good to go.

Around 20 students got selected and I was one of them.

The HR asked me some questions like, Tell me about your educational background. Why do you want to join PWC?
Tell me about your family. Why don’t you go for higher studies?
In the end, I got finally selected. 

Rounds 3 and 4 were proceeding concurrently. There are seldom any candidates who are eliminated. As a result, if you pass the technical interview, you have a good chance of being chosen in the top 90 to 95 percent. Only three days separated the first round from the subsequent rounds, and the last three rounds were all held on the same day.


  1. Include just the things on your resume that you are an expert in.

  1. You should properly prepare for the aptitude and puzzle sections; you can utilize pephub to do so.

  1. Always project confidence when responding as confidence is the best dress.

  1. Before going to the real interview, practice one with a friend to gauge your confidence.

  1. Always demonstrate that you are solely qualified for this position.

Note: This article is contributed bu Soumik Baksi. We are grateful for your contribution to this blog.

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