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In the IT sector, skills in computer science are in high demand. Coding, computing, data processing, the internet of things, network information security, blockchain development, algorithm design, storage systems & management, and app development are some of the most in-demand computer science skills in the current workforce. The workforce of today and tomorrow offers a variety of fresh and interesting job options for those who learn these abilities. Therefore, working on current computer science project ideas is the finest thing you can do if you are just starting out in the field. Relevant projects enhance your resume in addition to your practical knowledge. 

A unique project in the resume can boost the chances of landing a better job than his peers for a candidate.

Here are some of the coolest suggestions for students majoring in computer engineering that will offer them a significant advantage during interviews.

1) AI Camera for tracking dubious activity:

One of the most difficult responsibilities for security personnel and systems is monitoring and identifying suspicious activity. Criminals can rob at gunpoint in places like airports and banks if the security system fails. Usually, the victims are too terrified to phone the police in time for assistance. However, such illegal acts are likely to decrease dramatically if a smart camera could spot any suspicious behavior and automatically raise an alarm to notify the authorities. Let's now look at how to create such an alarm. 

Make a machine learning (ML) model using datasets for common behaviors like sitting, chatting, walking, and reading. Feed the ML model datasets of violent movements deemed suspicious, such as fighting, boxing, pointing a pistol, or any other such movement. Engage in some daily tasks in front of the smart camera to capture different gestures. This will aid in the ML model's development and deployment as a smart artificial intelligence (AI) camera on the Raspberry Pi.

TensorFlow, Google Teachable, Edge Impulse, and Lobeo are just a few of the adaptable tools available to build and train an ML model. You can pick any of these for the project.

And Rasberry Pi can be used for the circuits. 

This project will leave a lasting impression on any interviewer.

2) Emotion-based music player: 

Nowadays, stress levels tend to rise as a result of the poor economy, high cost of living, etc. One of the main activities that help to decrease stress is listening to music. It might be useless if the music does not match the listener's present emotion. Additionally, there isn't a music player that can choose songs based on the user's mood. To address this issue, the concept of a music player that can make song recommendations based on the user's emotions i.e sad, joyful, neutral, excited, and angry was developed. The user's heart rate or facial image is sent to the program via a smart band or mobile camera. It categorizes the user's mood and plays music in line with it.

You can use HTML, CSS, and Javascript to design a very attractive website for this project and develop a data model using software like TensorFlow for the mood recognition of the user and then play the song.

This is also a very unique project and a resume with this project can impress the interviewers.

3)Online e-book Creator:

Working with an online eBook creator is one of the greatest ways to begin testing out your hands-on computer science projects for children. Users will be able to design and create eBooks for free using this online tool. It’ll be a fast way to create e-books and read them. Though simple it's a very interesting and useful project.

4) Resume builder web applications:

Making a resume is a very demanding task for all students as the start of placement season for the majority of universities approaches. Many employers evaluate a student's suitability solely based on his or her resume. Therefore, when creating a resume, the student must think in terms beyond the third dimension.

A website like an automated resume creator might be created to address this issue. The web application shall enable students to create professional-looking resumes by just filling out a short form with all the necessary information.

The resume should be available for download in PDF format.

According to the majority of Indian engineering colleges, the resume should follow a specific format.

5)AI Diet Consultant Management System:

An artificial intelligence application about human nutrition is called the artificial dietician project. Similar to a real dietician, it serves as a diet advisor. This method operates similarly to a dietician. A person must provide the dietician with certain facts, such as their body type, weight, height, and working hours, in order to learn about their diet plan. In a similar manner, this system also offers a diet plan based on the data given by the user. To give the user the diet plan, the system collects and processes all of the user's data. The user can obtain the necessary diet plan with only a click and can save time by avoiding the need to contact a dietician.

6)Weather Forecasting System with Data Mining:

This is another project to add to the resume which can catch someone's attention. The basic idea of the project is that the observed patterns of events, also known as pattern recognition, were frequently used in ancient weather forecasting techniques. For instance, it has been seen that days with fair weather frequently follow those with unusually red sunsets. However, not all of these forecasts turn out to be accurate. A system should be developed which will forecast the weather here using variables like temperature, humidity, and wind. This system should have a strong graphical user interface and web application. Using a user ID and password, a user will log into the system. The user will input the current temperature, humidity, and wind. The system will use these parameters to forecast the weather based on historical database data.

7)Automated Canteen Ordering System using Android:

The primary objective of this initiative The goal of the canteen management system is to offer quick services to staff members and college students. Typically, people must go to the canteen to place their meal orders and wait in line for a very long time before receiving their orders. However, using this only requires that you follow a fairly straightforward procedure to place your order. And you do not need to wait in the lengthy line.

This website will offer a list of several menu options broken down into distinct categories. Any item from the canteen may be chosen by the user, who may then place an order by paying with a debit card or wallet. Wallet recharging is possible via debit card information, or an administrator can add money to a user's wallet.

The canteen management system keeps track of all the information about the food items, including name, description, image, pricing, etc. Admin may inspect the confirmed order and revise the order's status as necessary. Customers can view their account balance, order history, and order status, as well as delete orders.

In conclusion, this program is a major problem-solver and a big solution for many people. This might assist an applicant to acquire a fantastic job because it can really capture the interviewer's attention.

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