Software Engineering [Part 1] - Introduction

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Software Engineering is a subject that requires when you are a software developer as well as when you are in your college preparing for a semester or placement. So we can say it is one of the most important subjects to deal with.


In this series of tutorials, we are going to cover:

· Introduction to Software Engineering

· Software Development lifecycle and software process (waterfall, spiral, agile, etc.)

· Software process activities



This is a series of articles inspired by Software Engineering, 9th edition



The world cannot function without software. Financial systems, research labs, infrastructure and utilities, games, film, television, and so on are all managed by software systems.

“So, what’s software anyway?” …



What is Software?

A computer programme set of instructions, data, or programmes used to run computers and perform certain activities is known as software. It is the inverse of hardware, which describes a computer's physical components. Software is a catch-all phrase for apps, scripts, and programmes that execute on a device. It is the variable part of a computer, whereas the hardware is the invariable part.

A program is a set of instructions that perform a specific task.

What is a Successful Software System?

Good software should provide the essential functions.

Another set of attributes, known as quality or non-functional, should also be provided. Examples of these characteristics include the software's ability to be adaptable to changes, response speed, performance (less use of resources such as memory and processing time), usability; suitable for the sort of user for whom it was designed, reliability, security, safety,...etc.

What is Software Engineering ?

Software engineering is an engineering subject that applies to the software development process, often known as a software process.

Formal Definition:

Software engineering is a discipline of engineering concerned with the creation of software products based on well-defined scientific concepts, methodologies, and procedures. Software engineering produces an effective and dependable software output.

Software project management encompasses more than just the software engineering process because it includes communication, pre- and post-delivery support, and so on.

Not applying software engineering methods results in more expensive, less reliable software, and it can be vital in the long term, as the changes come in, the costs will dramatically increase.

Different software engineering methods and techniques are suited for different sorts of systems. For example, games should be developed through a series of prototypes, whereas important control systems require the development of a complete analyzable specification.


Software Engineering Vs Computer Science 

Software Engineering is a part of Computer Science. We can say Computer science focus on the theory and fundamentals, like algorithms, programming languages, theories of computing, artificial intelligence, and hardware design while software engineering focus on a narrower topic such as developing and managing software, creating a system architecture and all

Software Engineers

Formal definition:- 

A software engineer designs and develops computer software using mathematical analysis and computer science ideas. Software engineers are in great demand, and developers in high-demand sectors frequently receive numerous queries from recruiters and headhunters each month.

A software developer is someone who works with software and the development process and is accountable for project completion on schedule.

A software engineer's job is demanding. It must strike a balance between the various people involved, such as:

· Dealing with users: Users are unsure what to expect from the app. The problem is always about usability and response time.

· Dealing with technical people: Developers are more technically inclined, thus they consider database terminologies, functionality, and so on.

· Dealing with management: They are concerned about getting a good return on their investment and staying on schedule..


Following an engineering approach with a well-defined methodology is critical for success in large software development. That's what we'll look at next in "Software Processes."


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