TCS Digital Interview Experience [2023]

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About TCS Digital

TCS selects applicants for a variety of jobs by conducting the NQT (National Qualifier Test). About 10,000-15,000 job applicants submit 350,000 applications for the TCS NQT test, which provides work to tens of thousands of people. Hence, it's critical to be familiar with the test in order to land a position with TCS.

TCS Digital is the most sought-after profile within TCS. Through your digital profile, you can be placed at TCS for the System Engineer post with a salary of 7lpa. The top percentage of performers are given the option to sit for the Digital profile interview through NQT.

It can be tough to prepare for your first job interview, especially when you've never been through this before. So you will find here the TCS ninja hiring process to the most frequently asked interview questions and tips to crack this interview.

Recruitment process

TCS conducts three interview rounds, which includes:-

  • TCS Technical Interview
  • TCS MR Interview
  • TCS HR Interview

TCS conducts 3 interviews either on the same day or within a span of two days. Interview Questions for TCS Digital include programming questions and computer fundamentals.

Most Asked Topics in TCS Digital Interview:-

  • Programming Questions ( C, JAVA, Python, C++)
  • OOPS concepts
  • DBMS
  • DSA
  • Operating Systems
  • Recent Technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Big Data etc

First of all there comes the online aptitude test National Qualifier Test (NQT). People who topped the TCS NQT exam are eligible for interview for TCS digital, upon qualifying which the students are selected for the main interview. This exam has a basic criterion which demands CGPA greater than 7 and no current backlogs for Round 1. The aptitude part is divided into 4 parts, which are: 

1) Verbal English: It has an easy to moderate level question set. It basically consists of questions from basic grammar, comprehension and prepositions. 

What do people say about it? 

The actual challenge here is the time limit, which is 15 questions in 10 minutes.
 The issue is that there will only be one question in the lengthy reading comprehension paragraph. Utilize time effectively.

2) Logical Aptitude: It has a question level of comparatively harder than the other parts.

 It comprises questions from Permutation, Probability, Number systems and Time and work. This part has mostly to do with logical thinking and so we will suggest that one should have both logical and fast aptitude tricks to solve this.

3) Programming MCQ: This part consists of 15 questions and the time allotted is 25 minutes. The question level is easy. It comprises MCQs from C and Java. Some questions that came were like tracing the output, finding errors, basic syntax, etc.

4) Coding: It consists of questions and time allotted will be 30 minutes. It mainly comprises questions from maximum subarray problems and Knapsack problems.

After the Online National Qualifier Test (NQT) for TCS Digital, interviews were conducted on TCS premises. The interview went roughly till 75 mins. The TCS Digital Interview is mainly divided into three parts: 

  1. Technical Round                                       
  2. Human Resources 
  3. Managerial Resources

What do people say about the interview ?

The interview was scheduled around 9am and the interviewee was called around 2pm. As the interviewees are called according to the queue, they can be called anytime so it is suggested that you shall have a heavy breakfast before giving the interview. 

  • Technical Round: There was only one interviewer in the technical round. The questions were mainly asked from the interviewee's resume which was mainly based on web development. The interviewee was asked about the projects that he has made so far or the things he is working on, etc. It is suggested that you should include team projects in the resume. It’s important because it shows your coordination and ability to work in a team and highlights your problem-solving skill in a specific domain. Apart from the resume, they asked some conceptual questions from OOP (object-oriented programming) and Operating Systems. Then they asked about context switching. Then the interviewer asked questions from Database Management. As the resume was basically web development related he asked questions from MVC architecture. The last few questions were based on modern technologies like cloud computing, IOT and Machine Learning. Atlast the interviewee was asked if he had knowledge in any and about his preferences in cloud computing .

Sample Questions:

1.What are the four pillars of OOP?

The four pillars of OOP are: 

  • Abstraction
  • Encapsulation
  • Inheritance
  • Polymorphism

2.Why should we prefer UNIX over Windows?

Unix is more stable and does not go down as often as Windows does, therefore requires less administration and maintenance. - Unix has greater built-in security and permissions features than Windows.Unix possesses much greater processing power than Windows.Unix is the leader in serving the Web. So people prefer UNIX over Windows sometimes

3.What are the free alternatives of ms word / ms excel in UNIX?

Top alternatives to Microsoft Office for UNIX that are available in the market are Libreoffice , Apache OpenOffice ,Calligra Office, etc. 

4.What's the advantage of Jupyter notebook over normal python?

Jupyter notebooks have three particularly strong benefits: They're great for showcasing your work. It’s easy to use other people’s work as a starting point. You can run cell by cell to better get an understanding of what the code does. Very easy to host server side, which is useful for security purposes.

5.Write queries to declare the primary key and foreign key for the same table.

CREATE TABLE location(
location_id varchar(10) NOT NULL,
location varchar(40) NOT NULL,
PRIMARY KEY(location_id),
FOREIGN KEY(location) REFERENCES detail(location));

6.What is Blockchain Technology?

Blockchain technology is a network of peer-to-peer nodes that keeps transactional records, also known as blocks, of the public in various databases, also known as the “chain.” This type of storage is sometimes referred to as a “digital ledger.”

2) Human Resources Round: This round was not so long and it lasted for almost 5minutes. The HR round was very casual as compared to other rounds. They are just trying to get to know more about themselves. They asked questions related to hobbies, etc. The interviewer asked whether he was a team player or not. They also asked the interviewee whether he was willing to relocate or not. They also gave the interview feedback in this round. And asked whether the interviewee had any questions for the company or not.

Some Common Questions:

1.What are your strengths and weaknesses?

2.What is your goal for the future?

3.Will you be able to relocate?

3) Managerial Round: In this round, they try to test your perspective on technology and your knowledge about various tech giants out there. You are at least expected to know about various new technologies and how companies like Google, Facebook etc. are using them for their advantage.

Come Common Questions:

1.Can you explain one of your projects?

2.What is the difference between Machine Learning and Deep Learning?

What are People who got selected for TCS Digital says about their experice:

After registering for NQT, I got the exam email. I got the exam link and credentials, a day before the exam. 
The pattern for the exam constituted of:-
Foundation round- which contains basic questions from traits, verbal, logical as well as numerical ability. The given time was 76mins 
Advanced Round- duration was 90mins.
 This section had questions from advanced coding, quants and reasoning abilities.
For coding questions, the first question was based on string manipulation. The second question was based on dynamic programming and was a bit difficult compared to the other questions.
Most of the questions seemed easy and were common with what I practiced. Even the coding questions were easy. One question was on loops and the other was on string manipulation.
My overall takeaway from this round was that it was of easy to moderate level.
I got shortlisted for the interview in the TCS Digital profile after clearing both the foundation and advanced coding sections of the written assessment.

FAQ Asked For TCS Digital:

1.Can I get a Digital or Innovator role in TCS by giving the NQT exam?

Top performers can get an Interview call to digital or Innovator roles. Even you can get a call for TCS digital if you do well in Codevita

2.What is the eligibility Criteria for TCS Digital ?

  • All Branches B.Tech, M.Tech 
  • % in X and XII – 60% or 6.0 CGPA
  • In Pursuing Degree – 70% or 7.0 CGPA
  • In UG (for PGs) – 60% or 6.0 CGPA

3.Can I join TCS with one backlog?

TCS allows one backlog during the registration period. However during the time of joining the candidate must have no active backlogs.

4.. When can I expect my TCS interview results?

 Within 1 to 3 weeks TCS sends out their interview results. 

Conclusion :

1.Practice Aptitude

Students frequently overlook aptitude because they believe they can do it effortlessly. The fundamental point to remember is that problem-solving is not the most important aspect of ability. Everyone can answer problems with some level of mathematics that they are familiar with. However, in Aptitude rounds, it is vital to see who can solve the most issues in the shortest amount of time. As a result, speed and precision are crucial in TCS NQT Aptitude rounds. As a result, you should practice aptitude so that your speed improves and you can answer more questions faster than others.

2. Revise basics of Programming and OOPS Concepts :

The level of complexity of the programming questions in TCS Digital interviews will be moderate to high. However, knowing the programming basics becomes really crucial because we normally practice a lot of high-level data structures and algorithmic issues and get lost when asked the basics in the interview. So, whatever programming language you pick, you should review its fundamentals as well as C/C++ fundamentals, as they are frequently tested in TCS Digital interviews. The OOPS ideas are also crucial. You will not be required to solve a complex design challenge. To ace OOPS in the interview, only basic ideas of OOPS should be clear.

3. Core Computer Science Subjects should be studied well:

As previously stated, the level of questions about data structures and algorithms will be low. However, many questions are asked about key Computer Science areas such as Operating Systems, DBMS (particularly SQL), and Computer Networks (CN). Please make sure to thoroughly review them before attending the interview.

4. Resume Projects should be well revised:

There will be a lot of talk about the Projects on your CV. Please keep in mind that if your projects are based on new emerging technologies such as IoT (Internet of Things), Machine Learning (ML), Artificial Intelligence (AI), blockchain, and so on, it will have a significant and favorable impact on your interview. If you have such projects, you should be prepared to answer queries about these new and developing technologies. Otherwise, you should be fully prepared with all of the projects included on your resume. Prepare for the most common questions, such as "Why did you use this particular technology?" and "What problems did you have during this project?"

5. Work on your Communication Skills

Your communication abilities will be tested throughout the interview. Even if you know the answer to the most difficult questions in the interview, you will have difficulty explaining your solution. As a result, we propose that you concentrate on your communication abilities. Some simple guidelines can be followed to improve soft skills. For example, if you revise a previously studied section, read it aloud in English as if you were explaining it to the interviewer. Mock interviews can help you improve your soft skills and boost your confidence in interviews.


This format of TCS Digital is being followed from previous year. Though practice and consistency is the key to crack TCS Digital, it is recommended not to mug up the previous year questions blindly, and instead, try to understand the format and practice accordingly for better results.

Good luck and ALL THE BEST!!!!!

We will like to thank Mr. Somsubhra Das , for sharing his interview experience with us. 

We've included his LinkedIn profile so you can connect with him and get future advice.


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