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About TCS Ninja

TCS administers the NQT to select candidates for a variety of positions (National Qualifier Test). Tens of thousands of people apply for the TCS NQT test, which gives work for tens of thousands of people. As a result, if you want to work at TCS, you must be familiar with the test.

The TCS Ninja programme is perfect for young IT professionals seeking rapid promotion. You may be transferred to the Digital Capacity Assessment (DCA) programme after demonstrating your ability to become a TCS Ninja. This would be an excellent opportunity for professional advancement.

Preparing for your first job interview might be difficult, especially if you've never done so before. So you'll discover everything from the TCS ninja hiring procedure to the most often asked interview questions and tips from those who have already aced it here.

TCS Ninja Exam Pattern: 

Foundation Section: Multiple Choice Questions three sections: 

  • Quantitative Aptitude
  • Logical Reasoning
  • Verbal Ability

                                           No. of questions: 65  

                                           Total time: 75 minutes

                                           Can switch between sections

Advanced Section:  : Multiple Choice Questions three sections: 

  • Quantitative Aptitude
  • Logical Reasoning
  • Verbal Ability

                                    Two coding questions: 

  • Languages: C /C++ / Java/ Python
  • Question 1: 20 minutes  
  •  Question 2: 35 minutes

Interview Experience:

First,  one of the interviewers in the panel verified the details of my aadhar card and then took a snapshot of it.

Questions asked: 

1.Tell me about yourself. 

Then they will ask you questions based on what you mentioned while describing yourself.

In my case, I mentioned programming languages like java and c++ along with my web development internship.

2.Technical Questions: 

  • What is the concept of object oriented programming and describe the pillars of it.
  • What is a constructor?
  • On what technologies have you worked in your internship?

Then they asked me about my long term career goals, my strengths and weaknesses 

Other questions:

  • Will you be able to relocate to remote locations?
  • Will you be able to work in night shifts?

Then after discussing the bond with the company I was asked to email my class X,XII mark sheets along with the pass certificates and the semester grade cards.

TCS Ninja Technical Interview Questions

Explain ACID properties in DBMS?

All transactions in a database must comply with the ACID standard in order for it to keep its integrity. The word ACID stands for atomicity, consistency, isolation, and durability, therefore let's go over each one separately.

  • Atomicity: Even after an operation is completed, the data in an atomic transaction stays intact. This means that if an operation is performed on the data, it must either be finished or not performed at all. A transaction operation should not be divided into portions or carried out in phases. It must be finished totally, not in parts.
  • Consistency:The consistency property specifies how the data should be maintained consistency. The DBMS prevents any inconsistency in the data by keeping it consistent. A level of consistency would be when one table contains the data on which the operation is performed while another table should possess the data before the operation is executed.
  • Isolation: When transactions execute concurrently, the result should be the same as if they ran serially; that is, the result should be the same as if there were no transactions at all.
  • Durability: After a successful operation, the data in a DBMS is permanent. The term durability is used to assure the longevity of data. The database may survive even if the system fails or crashes. If it is lost, the recovery manager is responsible for ensuring its durability. When we make modifications to values, we must use the COMMIT command.

 What is the JIT compiler in java?

The Java Runtime Environment relies heavily on the Just-In-Time compiler. Its primary responsibility is to optimise the performance of Java-based programmes during runtime or execution. Bytecode is a fundamental component of Java that enables cross-platform execution. The Java Development Kit (JDK) includes the Java compiler (javac) for compiling Java source code into bytecode (.class file). At runtime, the JVM loads the.class file and translates the bytecode to binary code (machine code). Machine code is also used by the interpreter. The JIT compiler boosts the performance of Java programmes by converting bytecode into native machine code at run time.

Some useful resources:



For exam purpose:

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For interview:

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Last but not the least a special thanks to Spandita Banerjee for contributing this blog to the community. 

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