TCS NQT Interview Experience [2023]

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TCS NQTs, also known as TCS National Qualifier Tests or Tata Consultancy Services National Qualifier Tests, are exams used by TCS to hire people for TCS Ninja and TCS Digital positions. TCS offers Software Engineering profiles. The candidates are mostly recent graduates with less than two years of job experience. The TCS NQT mass recruiting test score is valid for two years. Candidates must pass several rounds of the NQT exam before being selected for either a TCS Ninja profile (3.36-3.60 LPA) or a TCS Digital profile (7 LPA approx).

TCS NQT Recruitment Process

The TCS NQT recruitment process comprises the following 4 rounds.

  1. Online Test
  2. Technical Interview
  3. Managerial Interview
  4. HR Interview


1. Online Test: The first round is the online test. In this round, aptitude and coding skills play a major role. Following is the distribution of the number of questions per topic:

Note: These stats are taken in consideration with last years exams.

People who have appeared for the interview says:

It is easy, Just refer to the basic concept of every apti topic. 60% easy + 20% tricky one+ 20% hard, avoid hard one.
Don't attempt the full paper. if you know every answer because there is an uppercut. And if you goto uppercut you will be disqualified.


2. Technical Interview Round : During the technical interview, you will be asked questions on the skills shown on your résumé. Data structures and algorithms, your projects, core computer science courses (OOPS, DBMS, OS, and Computer Networks), puzzles, and other topics may be discussed during the technical interview. It is recommended that you go over your resume once before attending an interview so that you are aware of the talents you have highlighted on your resume and are well prepared for them.


Sample Questions with answers:

1. What are pointers? What is a null pointer?

Pointers are variables that work like a locator/indicator to an address value. 

Null pointer is a pointer that does not point to any address value.


2. Explain Binary Search.

Binary search is a fast search algorithm with run-time complexity of Ο(log n). This search algorithm works on the principle of divide and conquer. For this algorithm to work properly, the data collection should be in the sorted form.

Pseudo Code on hoe Binary Search Works:


3. Swap two numbers without using a third variable

People who have appeared for the interview says:

Please take care of your communication skills. It is very important.
He only asks about basic things and which topic you mentioned on your resume.
Be careful about your resume. they should ask each and every topic which was mentioned in the resume.
Don't try to give an answer which you don't know. Don't lie to them. You are maybe fresher but they have experience.

3. Managerial Interview Round: The managerial interview could take place or not. This is due to the fact that they only acquire your technical capabilities from the technical interview and the rest from the HR interview. As a result, there is a potential that this round will not take place. If this round is held, the questions will be strictly managerial in nature. Some examples of queries are

  1. Have you ever worked on a team project? If not, why?
  2. How to work in a team?
  3. How do you manage your stress?
  4. What are some excellent principles of working in the software industry?
  5. How do you define success?
  6. What qualities do you think you have that make you different from others?

People who have appeared for the interview says:

In this round, he simply puts a situation and sees how you would work in that particular situation, trying to give a diplomatic answer. And again don't lie to him. Otherwise, he will trap you. And it would be a stressful interview.

4. HR Interview Round: This is the final round of the interview. Some managerial questions may be asked in this round as well. The following are some examples of questions that could be posed in this round.

  1. Are you willing to relocate?
  2. Who is the current CEO of TCS?
  3. Do you have any questions for us?

People who have appeared for the interview says:

This round is about normal conversation .They only sees your confidence level, communication skills, and attitude.

FAQ Asked For TCS NQT:

1.Is TCS NQT On-Campus Hiring?

  No, TCS NQT is a PAN India examination

2. Can I use my NQT result in Other companies ?

Yes, You are free to apply to any employer that accepts the NQT Score. In the job application form for that company, enter your NQT registration number and score. Depending on your NQT Score, you can apply to firms and career roles that accept such NQT Scores.

3.Can I join TCS with one backlog?

TCS allows one backlog during the registration period. However during the time of joining the candidate must have no active backlogs.

4.. When can I expect my TCS interview results?

 Within 1 to 3 weeks TCS sends out their interview results. 

5. Can I get a Digital or Innovator role in TCS by giving the NQT exam?

Top performers can get a Interview call to digital or Innovator role

6.What is the salary of TCS NQT?

Through TCS NQT, TCS hires for 2 major roles.

  • TCS Ninja: Rs. 3.3-3.6 Lakhs Per Annum
  • TCS Digital: Rs. 7-7.5 Lakhs Per Annum



1.Practice Aptitude

Students frequently overlook aptitude because they believe they can do it effortlessly. The fundamental point to remember is that problem-solving is not the most important aspect of ability. Everyone can answer problems with some level of mathematics that they are familiar with. However, in Aptitude rounds, it is vital to see who can solve the most issues in the shortest amount of time. As a result, speed and precision are crucial in TCS NQT Aptitude rounds. As a result, you should practice aptitude so that your speed improves and you can answer more questions faster than others.

2. Revise basics of Programming and OOPS Concepts:

The level of complexity of the programming questions in TCS NQT interviews will be low. However, knowing the programming basics becomes really crucial because we normally practice a lot of high-level data structures and algorithmic issues and get lost when asked the basics in the interview. So, whatever programming language you pick, you should review its fundamentals as well as C/C++ fundamentals, as they are frequently tested in TCS NQT interviews. The OOPS ideas are also crucial. You will not be required to solve a complex design challenge. To ace OOPS in the interview, only basic ideas of OOPS should be clear.

3. Core Computer Science Subjects should be studied well:

As previously stated, the level of questions about data structures and algorithms will be low. However, many questions are asked about key Computer Science areas such as Operating Systems, DBMS (particularly SQL), and Computer Networks (CN). Please make sure to thoroughly review them before attending the interview.

4. Resume Projects should be well revised:

There may be a lot of talk about the Projects on your CV. Please keep in mind that if your projects are based on new emerging technologies such as IoT (Internet of Things), Machine Learning (ML), Artificial Intelligence (AI), blockchain, and so on, it will have a significant and favorable impact on your interview. If you have such projects, you should be prepared to answer queries about these new and developing technologies. Otherwise, you should be fully prepared with all of the projects included on your resume. Prepare for the most common questions, such as "Why did you use this particular technology?" and "What problems did you have during this project?"

5. Work on your Communication Skills

Your communication abilities will be tested throughout the interview. Even if you know the answer to the most difficult questions in the interview, you will have difficulty explaining your solution. As a result, we propose that you concentrate on your communication abilities. Some simple guidelines can be followed to improve soft skills. For example, if you revise a previously studied section, read it aloud in English as if you were explaining it to the interviewer. Mock interviews can help you improve your soft skills and boost your confidence in interviews.


This format of NQT is being followed from previous year. Though practice and consistency is the key to crack NQT, it is recommended not to mug up the previous year questions blindly, and instead, try to understand the format and practice accordingly for better results.

Good luck and ALL THE BEST!!!!!

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