TCS NQT Latest Questions and Answers

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TCS NQT Interview kicks off with the aptitude test. The test follows the following pattern : 

TCS uses the TCS-iON software for their online aptitude exams. They mark +2 for each correct answer and there will be no negative marking this year. 

The syllabus for the aptitude is as follows :

Verbal Ability :

-  Reading Comprehensions 

- Jumbled Paragraphs

- Vocabulary( Synonyms, Antonyms)

- Correction of Sentences

- Completion and Improvement of Sentences

Quantitative Aptitude:  

- Profit and Loss 

- Time and Work 

- Partnership 

- Ratio and Proportion Averages 

- Simple and Compound Interest 

- Number System 

- Time Speed and Distance 

- Data Interpretation


- Looping 

- Decision Making 

- Functions  

- Arrays 

- Strings

- Data Structures

- Algorithms

- Math-based 

Sample Questions :

1). Select the option that is most nearly OPPOSITE in meaning to the word that is underlined text , ‘ I really love that movie since it was very DREADFUL to watch and I like such movies.’

A. Pleasant  

B. Atrocious 

C. Awful                

D. Beastly 

Answer: Option A, Pleasant

2) The following paragraph contains four sentences, three of which are grammatically incorrect and only one is correct. Identify the one that is correct. 

Products have a limited life, not only from the consumers viewpoint, but also as far as the producer is concerned. For example, a particular model of a car might last five years before production is stopped and it’s replaced by a completely new model. New inventions and technology has made many products obsolete. Fashion can be another major influence on the lives of a product

A. New inventions and technology has made many products obsolete.

B. For example, a particular model of a car might last five years before production is stopped. 

C. Fashion can be another major influence on the lives of a product.

D. Products have a limited life, not only from the consumers viewport but also as far as the producer is concerned.

Answer: Option B

3) The following sentences are jumbled. Please re-arrange them in the right order.

1. If we harness the process, we could naturally modify crops and make them more resistant to the effects of climate change. 

2. A recent study shows that lateral gene transfer is widespread in grasses, including many food crops. 

3. While we do not fully know how genes move between species, we could benefit from mimicking the transfer between species. 

4. The research shows that genes can freely move between grass species regardless of how closely related they are.

A. 2,1,3,4 

B. 3,1,4,2 

C. 2,4,3,1 

D. 3,2,4,1      

Answer : Option D

4) Select the most appropriate ANTONYM of the given word ‘Erratic’.

A. Invariant 

B. Concurrent 

C. Sporadic 

D. Consistent

Answer: Option D 

5) Select the most appropriate option that can substitute the underlined words in the given sentence.’ Naphtha, a cheap fuel extracted from crude oil, is added to petrol to make the quality of petrol poorer ‘.

A. vitiate 

B. obliterate 

C. adulterate 

D. mitigate

Answer: Option C

6) Select the most appropriate option that best substitutes the underlined word.

Whenever we talk about a school, teachers, students and their parents are described as the most important group of people who are involved with the organization towards it and have an interest in its success.

A. placeholders 

B. beholders 

C. upholders 

D. stakeholders

Answer: Option D 

7) Read the given passage and answer the questions that follow

Typically, when an author signs a publishing contract, she or her agent negotiates an advance against royalties. When a book ‘has sold for’ so many dollars, this amount is the advance and not a flat purchase price. An advance is often paid in three installments: when the contract is signed, when the manuscript is accepted by the publisher, and when the book is published. Some publishers may break down these payments even more. Once the book is published, authors make a percentage of sales for each book sold, which are their ‘ royalties’. However they are essentially earning money they have already been paid. Once a book has made the author the amount of royalties they were advanced, they begin to earn additional royalties;this is often called earning out. If the book never makes the advance back, the author does not have to pay the overage back to the publisher, except in circumstances where they have violated/ terminated the contract.

What does ‘earning out’ become operational? 

A. When royalties surpass the advance paid 

B. when authors receive a flat price not an advance 

C. when authors violate their contract 

D. when books get sold in bookstores or online 

Answer: Option B i.e 5

8) Select the most appropriate ANTONYM of the given word ‘Auspicious ‘.

A. Vicious 

B. Ominous 

C. Felicitous 

D. Pompous

Answer: B

9)To create a truly successful movie, the director, the writer, actors, and the cinematographer must work together with other people closely. 

A. felicitate 

B. collaborate 

C. corroborate 

D. facilitate 

Answer: Option B

10) Select the option that gives the most appropriate meaning of the underlined word. The affordances that social media have in organisational contexts cannot be undetermined. 

A. liabilities 

B. possibilities 

C. qualities 

D. features 

Answer: Option C

11). 25 numbers were recorded and their average was calculated as 50.6. Later it was found that three numbers 29, 35, and 72 were wrongly taken as 92, 53 and 27 respectively, and one number 58 was inadvertently left out from being recorded. What is the correct average of all the numbers?

A. 48.2 

B. 48.7 

C. 50.5 

D. 49.5

Answer: Option D 

12)The average of 19 numbers is 42. The average of the first 6 numbers is 38.5 and that of the last 14 numbers is 45.5. If the sixth number is excluded then what’s the average of the remaining numbers?(Correct to one decimal Place)

A. 41.2 

B. 41.6 

C. 40.8 

D. 40.4 

Answer: Option D

13) A divided money between two sons B and C. The amount received by B after 13 years is equal to the amount received by C in 15 years at the rate of 4% p.a. compound interest. The difference between their shares is INR 102. Find the amount in total (in INR). 

A. 2702 

B. 2602 

C. 1352 

D. 1250 

Answer: Option B

14) The number of ways of choosing (x+8) balls out of 36 balls is equal to choosing x balls out of 36 balls. Find the number of ways of choosing (x+5) balls out of 25 balls.

A. 1,741,00 

B. 1,69,900 

C. 1,77,100 

D. 1,70,000

15) The taxi charges in a city consists of a fixed charge together with the charge for the distance travelled in kilometres. When a person travels 72 kms, he pays INR 1170. He pays IN 898 for travelling 55 km. What will he have to pay for travelling 45 km? 

A. INR 693 

B. INR 738 

C. INR 740 

D. INR 826 

Answer: Option B 

16) C can complete the work alone in 60 days. A and B take 40% and 75% more time than C. The work was started by A and B and C worked with A on every third day. In how many days will the work be completed? 

A. 16 ¼ 

B. 48 ⅘ 

C. 48 ¼ 

D. 16 ⅘

Answer: Option B 

17) A sum when lent at the rate of 15% p.a. simple interest for x years amounted to INR 17,600. When the same sum was lent at the rate of 18% p.a. simple interest for (x+2.5) years, it amounted to INR 24,320. The value of x and the sum (in INR) respectively are:

A. 2.5 and 12,800 

B. 2 and 12,500 

C. 3.5 and 12,800 

D. 2.5 and 12,500 

Answer: Option A

18) The average number of male players participating in sport A, B and C is what percentage less than the number of female players participating in sports C and D together?

A) 12.5 

B) 10 

C) 12.0 

D) 9.5 

Answer : Option A

19) The total number of male employees working in the HR and Finance departments is what percentage of the total number of female employees working in the HR, Marketing and Administration departments (nearest integer)? 

A. 60% 

B. 54% 

C. 56% 

D. 58%

Answer : Option D

20) A and B are coming from opposite directions. A starts at 10 a.m. towards B. B starts at 11 a.m. towards A. The speed of A and B are 40 km/hr and 50 km/hr, respectively. At what time will they meet each other, if A and B are 100 km apart? 

A. 11.50 a.m

B. 12.00 p.m. 

C. 11.40 a.m.

D. 10.40 a.m. 

Answer: Option C

21) Given an array Arr[] of N integer numbers. The task is to rewrite the array by putting all multiples of 10 at the end of the given array. 

[Note: The order of the numbers which are not multiples of 10 should remain unaltered, and similarly, the order of all multiples of 10 should be unaltered.]

  For e.g. Suppose N = 9 and Arr[]={10, 12, 5, 40, 30, 7, 50, 9, 10} You have to push all multiples of 10 at the end of the Arr[] Hence, the output is 12 5 7 9 10 40 30 50 10. 


1 < N < = 100 .100 < = Arr[i] < = 100 Input Format for Testing: 

1. First input line: Accept a single positive integer value for N representing the size of Arr[]. 

2. Second Input line: Accept N number of integer values separated by a new line.

Output Format for Testing:

1. The output must be N integer numbers separated by a single space character (See the output format in examples). 

2. Additional messages in the output will result in the failure of test cases.

Code (C) :

int main()
    int n,i,a[10];
          if(a[1]%10 ==0)

22)Given an array Arr[N] of N integers and a positive integer K. The task is to divide the array into two sub-arrays from right after the Kth position and slide the left sub-array of K elements to the end




void Rotateby(int arr[],intn){
void Rotate(int arr[],intd,intn){
	     printArray(int arr[],intn)

void printArray(int arr[],intn){

int main(){
  int arr[10],i;
  int n,k;
  return 0;

23) There is a bag with three types of gemstones: Ruby of type R, Garnet of type g, and Topaz of type T. Write a program to find the total number of possible arrangements to make a series of gemstones where no two gemstones of the same type are adjacent to each other. 




int countWays(intp,intq,intr,int last){
              return 0;
        if(p==1&&q==0&&r==0&& last ==0)
        if(p==0&&q==1&&r=-0 && last ==1)
        if(p==0&&q==0&&r=-1 && last ==2)
             return 1;
        if(last ==0)
            return countWays(p-1,q,r,1) + countWays(p-1,q,r,2);
        if(last ==1)
             return countWays(p,q-1,r,0) + +countWays(p,q-1,r,2);
             return countWays(p,q,r-1,0) +   +countWays(p,q,r-1,1);

int pepHub(int p,int q,int r){
return countWays(p,q,r,e)+countWays(p,q,r,1)+countWays(p,q,r,2);

int main(){
    int p , q ,r ;
    return 0;

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