Wipro HR Interview Experiences

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After passing the TR round, the interviewees are called for the HR round. Every company conducts an HR interview round to evaluate your experience, personality, skills, and capacity to handle the assignment, as well as to determine whether you're the best candidate for this position. For candidates who made it through the technical interview and into the HR stage. Additionally, they can inquire about Wipro's past, including its founding date, objectives, guiding principles, and organizational structure, among other things. Make sure your resume is correct to the best of your knowledge by going over it to make sure you have included all pertinent information about yourself. Get ready to answer any questions that might be asked based on your resume. Regarding any response, be assured and sincere. This interview will explore your motivation for the job role, your behavioral preferences, and your alignment with the company culture and values.

Wipro outlines six interview tips for the HR interview, referred to as the ‘6 Ps’ - on its website. These are: 

Punctuality – Arrive at least 15 minutes before your interview is due to begin. 

Presentation – Present yourself professionally, by wearing smart clothing.

Preface – Shake hands confidently and introduce yourself whilst engaging in eye contact.

Preparation – Research Wipro and your chosen role. Come with an awareness of Wipro’s activities, recent developments in the sector, and the competitor landscape.

Proficiency – Be honest and confident. This comes with practice, so rehearse through mock interviews and adjust how you present yourself accordingly. Illustrate your strengths and convey an awareness of your weaknesses (and how to combat them).

The phraseology of the body – Be aware of your body language throughout the interview. Good posture, eye contact, and a relaxed demeanor are important for creating a good impression.

What people say about the HR round: 

Interviewee 1:

Well, I have a certain experience belonging to a technical background. WIPRO HRs are the humblest people in the business. I do not know the exact reason, but I have seen others and therefore I may say this.
The questions will be basic for freshers, like your hobbies, goal in life, can you relocate as per job offers, etc, etc. Just be positive while answering.
While if you are experienced, you might face the same questions along with some more common ones like, why do you want to switch so early? why particularly this company?
how much do you expect as a salary? then comes the negotiation.

Interviewee 2:

I will just put up an incident I faced as a fresher . It may help someone.
It was final interview , head HR was sitting with us we were a group of 10 candidates. He started question, listen carefully and answer, question is for all “ man A is standing at this side of river and man B is standing that side of the river. Who will reach the other side of river first “ As soon as HR complete the question the guy sitting at front started with relative velocity concept and bla bla.. some guys asked few doubts… even after almost 10 minutes he was not convinced … I didn't open my mouth as I didn't understand the question. Finally HR asked me wat's your opinion? Silently I said “relative velocity” I could see HR was not so convinced. Even he went out for some time and told us to discuss among ourselves and give answer. We ourselves discussed and wen HR came the same old answers came out.
HR closed the discussion and final list was out after lunch break. Few people were eliminated.
Finally I asked HR, “ sir what is the answer for that question” He said “ there is no answer for that , just I wanted to check who asks more questions ”And the people who started answering me without asking a single question are eliminated. I was stunned , by the way I was a fresher that time.

Sample Questions:

1) What makes you unique?  

Answer: This question is asked by interviewers to determine what distinguishes you from the other qualified applicants. Don't repeat what's on your CV; instead, find something to tell the interviewer that she/he doesn't already know about you. Instead, than worrying about proving your 'uniqueness,' concentrate on generating value. You may, for example, remark, 'As my resume shows, I have over XX years of experience working in XX field.' What isn't emphasized is that I am a goal-setter; once I set a goal for myself at work, I don't stop until I reach it. If you hire me, I expect to assist your organization in setting and exceeding all of its prior records.'

2) Why do you want to leave your current job?

Answer: Create a diplomatic explanation for your departure. It could be your desire to take on more responsibility and advance in your profession, to relocate, to change careers, or to enhance your work/life balance. Never disparage your current job; doing so will make you appear immature. Why should we hire you if you have a poor academic record? Given that Wipro is one of the few tech businesses that does not enforce the 60 percent qualifying rule, you may be asked to defend a mediocre academic performance. The simplest way to manage this is to state that you value practical expertise over theoretical understanding. Draw attention to any projects you have completed that have helped form your grasp of the field, as well as any internships you have completed. You might also discuss how engaging in extracurricular activities such as athletics or college festivals has helped you develop soft skills that are necessary for success at work.

3) Tell us about your hobbies.

Answer: A hiring manager wants to learn as much about you and what you’re like as a person as possible, which is why she/he wants to know what you do outside of work, in your spare time. Note: there are some activities that are better off kept private — if you ‘love to party’ or ‘play cards’, don’t mention it. However, stick to passions that are genuine and activities that may indirectly help you achieve success at work. For instance, exercise and fitness-related hobbies can demonstrate energy as well as the ability to manage stress. Volunteer work is a sign of good character and an empathetic nature. Always be prepared for follow-up questions: If you say you love golf, you may be asked what your handicap is.

4) Are you willing to relocate?

Answer: Given that Wipro serves clients in 175+ cities across 6 continents, it’s very likely you will be asked whether you have a location preference or are willing to work anywhere in India. You have two options – you can either say you are definitely willing to relocate, which shows that you’ll do whatever is necessary to be a part of the company and team. Or, given that relocating is a major life change, you can go with a carefully worded ‘maybe’. For e.g., you could say, ‘I would love to continue my career in this city, but this position is a great opportunity for me. If relocation is required, I would definitely consider it.’

5) What are your salary expectations?

Answer: Don’t blurt out a number; you may get locked into a salary when there is more money to be had. Instead, ask an open-ended question such as “What range do you have in mind?

Good luck and ALL THE BEST!!!!! Never Give UP!!!

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